Monthly Subscriptions
Start wash from App
Automatic Payments

Start wash from App

Pick a program or amount to spend, tap "Start" to start the Wash

Automatic Payment

Connect your Credit Card once and you're good to go!

Monthly Subscriptions

Example: Pay 50€/month and wash up to 10 times/month. Save 50%!


Choose a Car Wash and the App helps you navigate to the right location.


Operators WANT to speak to their customers.

Say “Thank you” to new customers. Say even bigger “Thank you” to loyal customers. Studies show that Drivers wash their cars for positive emotions. Christ App let’s Operators forward positive emotions!

Fleet management

One client, one invoice, fleet of cars. Set daily limits to individual Drivers and enjoy a simple management through Christ App.


Communicate via in-app or text messages. Automate based on triggers: “If washed 3x this month, offer monthly Subscription”

Referral Campaigns

Share your promo-code to a friend. If your friend washes with Christ App, both get discount or why not a Free Wash?


Let's look at the steps to Join

Easiest way to start is to get in touch with us. We will send a contract and help with setting up the App.

1. Agreement

We’ll sign a simple agreement. There is no binding liabilities and upfront costs. Instead Operators get a 3-month free trial period.

2. Modem

Christ technicial will install a small Modem to the Car Wash machine. This Modem will connect it to Cloud. Then customers can start the Machine from the Christ App

3. Launch!

You will install banners and signs to inform customers of the Christ App and start enjoying the benefits from using the App.

Why should I integrate the Christ App?

Simply because in 2017, 11% of all credit card payments were made via Smartphones. That is 110% more than 2016.

Another way to think about this is to ask yourself. Who will visit your car wash in the upcoming years if you dont have Mobile Payments enabled?

What does it cost to Integrate?

Typically the hardware installation cost for one car wash is around €900. For a more concrete pricing please contact us directly.

What kind of Car Washes can be integrated?

All types of car washes – self-serve, tunnel, automatics, touchless, detailing.

Will my current payment method be changed?

No. All  pay stations, coin validators, credit card terminals etc. will stay operational. Christ App is a nice addition to those.

What if I only operate one Car Wash?

That’s perfectly fine, Wwwash is specifically built for small businesses with affordable set-up costs.

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